Reunited, and it Feels so Good! (3-of-17)

So, our errant little sherpas have made it to Italy. I think I’ve pieced together why they didn’t make it here along with us. Judging by the condition of the contents, they must have undergone some heavy-duty screening, and since our layover was rather short in Philadelphia, a gloved hand was probably still grasping my voltage converter when the cargo doors of our plane were closing.

The longer we were without our luggage, the more we started realizing how much we were missing. I already mentioned the voltage converters, so no shave for Jim today, and no incredibly styled hair for me. Amazingly, this is the first I knew that Jim’s shaver isn’t cordless. But we also realized that our sunscreen and Jim’s hats were in the delayed luggage. Those of you who know Jim, realize the importance of those hats!

We had one tour this morning, which was mainly indoors, so other than sweating in stale clothing, the lack of the items listed above was not too big of a deal. When we returned to our hotel a little after noon, we were overjoyed to learn that our luggage had arrived and was waiting for us in our room. We’re glad that we won’t have to spend the precious hours of our vacation hunting down replacements for the contents.

With our wardrobes restored, second showers of the day were in order and a wonderfully refreshing change of clothes was enjoyed. Of course, the second tour of the day was conducted under a brutal sun, so we were soon wilted, but we were protected by our sunscreen and hats. More about today in a separate post. . .

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2 comments on “Reunited, and it Feels so Good! (3-of-17)
  1. Marcy K says:

    I’ve gotten red spots just reading this. Am allergic to the sun, as you know, so this would not be an ideal trip for me, unless it’s in December. Hats, sunscreen, long sleeves make no difference. Anyhow, nothing like putting on fresh clothes and taking a second shower. Enjoy! Will read your posts and comment here and there.

  2. Ann Silverthorn says:

    I actually thought of you, Marcy, and the effect the sun has on you. It probably would have been cooler in June, but Jim wanted to be here on a certain feast day in his grandparents’ village, so here we are. Thankfully, the heatwave has broken!

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