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5 comments on “7 Things I Learned After Breaking My Dominant Wrist
  1. MJK says:

    You are a trooper, no matter how you feel about it!

  2. Karen says:

    You poor thing! The next time this happens, and I hope there is no next time, use your pain meds smarter. Keep on top of the pain rather than chase it. Keep the pain at a minimum by taking them every four hours until the pain becomes tolerable. I know, I’m a little late with this advise. Your welcome! Love you!

    • Ann Silverthorn says:

      Thanks, Karen. The problem with pain meds these days is that the docs prescribe them to be taken every six hours instead of every four. That was consistent between the ER doc and the surgeon. Of course, I’m a good patient and followed directions, but six hours is a long time to go when you’re in pain. . .

  3. Kevin says:

    that is a seriously large cast. you had to live your life left handed? welcome to my world. it can be a scary place.

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