Let’s Move Outside! Epilogue

With all 10 of the trails completed on our Erie County Recreational Passport in the Let’s Move Outside! project, it’s time to reflect on our experience. Husband Jim, our two Cairn Terrier rescues, and I would like to thank Erie Yesterday, the Erie County Department of Health, and VisitErie for giving us the excuse to get outdoors and make discoveries about this area where we have lived for most of our lives, but never fully explored.

During the summer of 2012, we ventured into neighborhoods that we would never have paid attention to if it hadn’t been for this program. We met some nice people along the way, got some exercise, and our rescue pups, Nutmeg and Nora, became even stronger and more adventurous.

This won’t be the end of our hiking adventures, though. There are all of those trails on Presque Isle to explore and many more in Erie County that were not part of this program. And why stop at Erie County? A recent visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and Ohiopyle revealed more trails to explore.

So, as we close for this year’s Let’s Move Outside! experience, here’s a montage of the pictures we took of Nutmeg and Nora at each trail marker.

Millcreek Township - The Greenway Trail


Fairview Township—Pleasant Ridge Park


Washington Township—Veterans Memorial Park/Wainer Park Trail


Waterford—Fort LeBoeuf Trail


Harborcreek Township—Harborcreek Community Park Trail


Union City—Union City Area School District Trail


Corry—Corry’s Trail of Simple Pleasures


Girard—Girard Trail


North East—North East Heritage Path

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