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Ann Silverthorn - April 2016

Ann Silverthorn – April 2016

Ann Silverthorn has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years. She began her writing career as a copywriter and feature writer, and then spent a number of years reporting about technology, specializing on data storage and disaster recovery. As such, she served as mass-storage editor for a technology publication and then Web editor for another print and digital magazine. She has also written as a freelancer for many publications and websites. Behind the scenes, Ann has ghostwritten white papers for analysts and case studies for technology companies.

Other types of writing Ann has engaged herself in include travel, business, economic-development, real-estate, creative, and grant writing, in addition to blogging. In the creative-writing realm, Ann enjoys writing fiction, poetry, and drama, having been recognized in all three. She wrote a historical novel for her graduate thesis and was awarded the Graduate Excellence Award in English from Gannon University for her efforts. She also wrote a biography of William E. Dimorier, a nearly forgotten educator and poet. Neither of these has found a publisher–yet.

An experienced writing instructor, Ann taught college freshmen and graduate students for more than a decade. Courses taught include undergraduate college composition, undergraduate critical thinking, and graduate-level grant writing.

During her professional career, Ann served as a bank auditor for First National Bank of Pennsylvania, the grant writer for Gannon University, and the program director for Penn State’s online MBA program.

The first non-traditional member of the Gannon University Honors Program, Ann earned a bachelors degree in English, with a minor in business, in 1996. A year later, Gannon awarded Ann with a teaching assistantship, and having received the Graduate Academic Excellence Award in English, she earned her masters degree in 1999. Then, in September of 2013, Ann earned an executive certificate in leadership and management from the University of Notre Dame. In May of 2014, she graduated from the Erie Ambassador program.

Ann is married and the proud mother of three grown children and two cairn terriers. She is proud to have been inducted into the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in 2014, and she now serves as treasurer of her local chapter. Her hobbies include genealogy, healthy cooking, drawing/painting, and lifelong learning.

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