Figuring Out Nutmeg’s Issues

Nutmeg and Nora Pause Dinner to Mug for the Camera

So, you might remember how we bought two crates because our Cairn Terriers rescues were using the large crate as their restroom and having some nasty fights. I hated having to separate them, because they wouldn’t be able to cuddle with one another. Wait. I never saw them cuddle together. I did see them get into major fights in there, though, so intense, that I feared for Nora’s safety.

I’m happy to report that they love their new crates. They go into them willingly, especially since they get a treat when they do. Sometimes Nora gets confused and picks Nutmeg’s crate instead of her own. Then, she figures out her error and moves over to her own place.

Now to the burning question. Have the two crates solved the problem of these girls making messes in the crate? The answer is yes and no. The problem of #2 ended. I suspect that was all Nora, and her crate is now consistently dry and clean. Yay Nora! Nutmeg emerged as the culprit of #1, as I suspected she would be.

Nutmeg has been a frequent pee-er since we rescued her and her sister on September 10, 2011. Since they had been kenneled for two months prior and forgot their house-training skills, plus having been through the trauma of their owner’s death, both needed some time to get back on the right track. With the exception of what Nora was doing in the crate, she came along really great, except for her “gifts” that she left on the kitchen floor. Nutmeg on the other hand continued soaking any bedding placed in the bottom of her crate. This meant the towels needed to be changed at least once a day and often more than once a day. Forget the nice doggie bed.

Nutmeg peed as often as a boy dog when we’re on their daily walks. On a thirty minute trip, she would stop at least six times. When she was indoors, she’d have frequent accidents both inside and outside of her crate. At the end of October, after six weeks of living with us, it became apparent that these accidents could no longer be attributed to nervousness from being in a new environment.

We thought of several reasons for Nutmeg’s potty issues.

Her trauma damaged her psyche, and she would need some time on a pet therapist’s couch three times a week.

There was something wrong with her plumbing, not allowing her to build up enough capacity.

She had a simple urinary tract infection.

When considering the possible reasons for Nutmeg’s messes, I remembered that with children who wet the bed, one of the most important steps in addressing the problem is to have the child checked out by a urologist. I don’t know if veterinary urologists exist, but I can tell you there aren’t any in Erie, PA. I did make an appointment with our vet, though. More on that visit to come.

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One comment on “Figuring Out Nutmeg’s Issues
  1. Arriana Vera says:

    “Nutmeg and Nora Pause Dinner to Mug for the Camera..”

    cute cairns!
    I never imagine a cairn with that color.. I usually see some of them in white or gray colors.

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