Nutmeg & Nora Know How to Have Fun

Today, Nora was doing the funniest thing with a small, blue racquetball. Starting with the ball in her mouth, she’d toss it up in the air and then run after it as it bounced along the carpet. She did this time after time, and I wished I had a video camera, or any kind of camera at hand. It was as if she was playing ball solitaire.

Later, with the same small blue ball, we played fetch. I’d throw the ball and both dogs would run after it. If Nutmeg caught it, she’d bring it right back and set it down on the floor in front of me. Only problem was, if I reached for it too soon, she’d nip my hand.

Nore and Nutmeg with the Blue Ball

Then, if Nora caught the ball when I threw it, she’d also bring it back, but she’d drop it directly in front of her. At that point, Nutmeg would grab the ball and then deposit it in front of me. They did this over and over. It was hilarious, that little bit of team work they had going on there.

These little dogs have endless energy when it comes to playing fetch. Daughter Kasey was here doing laundry today and we recalled when we’d try to play fetch with 100-pound Happy and Scout. If we threw a ball inside the house for them, it’d be just a couple of steps for them to reach the ball. And they might knock over some furniture along the way. With 15-pound Nutmeg and Nora, it’s quite a little workout for them to run from one room to the other. So since it’s been raining almost all day, and no one wants to take them for a walk, we can feel confident that they’ve gotten their exercise today, running after that little, blue ball.

RIP Happy and Scout. We miss you. . .

Scout and Happy

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