7 Excuses Provided by the Christmas Season

IMG_2338Many folks express disdain for the commercialization of Christmas. Some resent the hijacking of commerce for the last quarter of each year. Others just can’t wait for it all to be over.

Me? The Christmas season is my favorite. Here are seven things Christmas gives me the excuse to do each year.

  1. To find ways to be extra nice, instead of naughty.
  2. To shop, elbow-to-elbow, among other humans.
  3. To really look into strangers’ eyes and smile.
  4. To drive around and see creative light displays.
  5. To listen to old and new holiday tunes.
  6. To feast on foods prepared just once a year.
  7. To spend fleeting time with family and friends.

So, there you have it—seven excuses provided by the Christmas season. What are some of your favorites?

Ann Silverthorn writes about a wide variety of topics in numerous genres. She’s currently working on a biography of William E. Dimorier (1871-1951), a nearly forgotten poet and educator, who dedicated his life to the betterment of young people.

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One comment on “7 Excuses Provided by the Christmas Season
  1. Kare goss says:

    We always have a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. I love to watch the kids when they are brought out to see all the presents under the tree. Only the tree was lit, Christmas music in the background, and little mouths hanging wide open!

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