100 Happy Days (76-100)

Hello! Thanks for visiting my 100 Happy Days 76-100. For an overview of this project, click here.

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Well, I’ve completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge. What has this experiment done for me? Has it made me a happier person? I know that posting at least one happy thing every day has forced me to examine each day to find something good, even on days that might be otherwise been considered blah or forgettable. I know that looking through all of the pictures I’ve posted is makes me smile. I also find that I don’t take time to read as much bad news as I did before. I’m much more mindful at focusing on what’s right with the world than what is wrong with it.

Why don’t YOU try it?

It’s very possible that I’ll continue posting one happy thing every day. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram (see links below) to find out if I continue. Can you imagine me posting Day 1000 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge?

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