What Happens in Here
2010 First Place Winner in Putting Our Heads Together Contest


This is my attempt at an Italian sonnet. They are easier to write in Italian, because more words rhyme in that language. This one is about Panama Rocks in upstate New York.

Flight of the Stone Captive

Devonian birthed an innocent beach
down at the delta of a river great.
Compressed and oppressed by sediment weight,
sand became stone hidden far from life’s reach.

A northern ice-angel came to impeach
the cloak of silt atop the stone’s pate.
Leaving exposed in a fixed angry state
labyrinths and crevices bred of the breach.

But soon upon the sedimentary,
dampened and moist facing east and north,
spread verdant moss and ethereal fern.

The friendlier integumentary
fed roots of cherry and beech bringing forth
flight that ascended to Holocene’s turn.


Ann Silverthorn 1995