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WWI: A Perspective on the Concept of “Enemy”

The past few years have marked a century since the war that promised to end all wars. We know that the world didn’t learn its lesson, and so the Great War became World War I. This is the story of

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7 Things to Know About the Irish National Police, GARDA

The other day, a movie called, The Guard, bubbled up to the top of my Netflix DVD queue. It stars American Don Cheadle and Irishman Brendan Gleeson as a by-the-book FBI agent and an unconventional Irish policeman, respectively, who team up

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Rent’s 20th Anniversary: 7 Things to Know About HIV/AIDS Now

Last week, I attended a performance of Rent’s 20th Anniversary Tour. The musical follows a year in the lives of several artists, some of whom are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. In 1996, the future was grim for those who had the

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7 Things to Do If Your Candidate Loses

After a divisive presidential election cycle, which pitted neighbor against neighbor and split the country down the middle, there will be many disappointed people after the results are announced. Chances are, you might be one of them. Here are seven

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Reflecting on Twin Towers’ Cameo in a 2000 Romcom

My Netflix DVD queue contains 47 movie titles. At a rate of about one viewing per week, it would take almost a year to get through my whole list, if I weren’t always growing it. Often, I’ll add a movie

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IP Lawyer Invests Time, Talent, & Resources in NWPA

Registered patent attorney Jonathan D’Silva moved to northwestern Pennsylvania in 2005, and he has no plans to leave anytime soon. In fact, he just began a new business venture there, and that’s also where you’ll find his two largest clients.

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A Tour of the Mural Escadinhas São Cristóvão

In the heart of Lisbon, on the walls of age-old buildings lining a long set of stairs that lead from R. da Madalena to the Church of São Cristóvão, vivid graffiti complements an equally-vivid mural. The mural honors St. Christopher

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7 Things You Must Know When Visiting Portugal

Whenever you visit a country different from your own, it’s helpful to know a few of the essential facts that will make your visit more pleasant, and perhaps, safer. Here’s a list of seven facts about Portugal that are important

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Applying Aristotle’s Wisdom to Strengthen America

At least seven celebrities have vowed to leave the USA, if a Republican is elected president. This type of attitude can destroy America. The degree of division in the United States makes it unlikely that our country will be able

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7 Things to Do in an Active Shooter Situation

You may love or hate Facebook, but I often find valuable information in my newsfeed. For instance, I recently came across a link to the article, “What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation” by Brett and Kate McKay on

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