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Best-Ever Tofu Scramble

You’ll find a thousand tofu scramble recipes on the Web and in cookbooks, but none more easy and delicious than this one. I took my favorite recipes and combined them into a one-pan dish, ready in about 30 minutes. Best-Ever

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7 Things US Visitors to Portugal Should Know

Portugal was never on my travel radar, however, when my husband texted me out of the blue last fall and asked if I’d like to go, I replied without question, “Sure!” So, I happily tagged along on his recent business trip

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Living a Compassionate Life

  Many people claim to be animal lovers, but Jessica Carlson walks the talk. “We humans love our dogs and cats, yet we eat pigs and cows. One should not be treated any different from the other,” says Carlson, director

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7 Things to Know About Organic Agriculture

Have you noticed that grocery stores carry more organic products than in the recent past? Some grocery chains used to dedicate entire sections of the store to organics. Now, in many stores, gluten-free aisles have replaced the organic sections, and organic

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New Year’s Vegan “Pork” and Sauerkraut

According to some folks, especially those in Pennsylvania, in order to have good luck in the new year, you should dine on pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day. This, according to legend, is because pigs root forward, a symbol

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Dairy-Ditch Discovery

When I was a kid, I’d gulp down two to three glasses of milk at dinner every night. It was as much a part of the meal as what was on my plate. When I was a young adult, and

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Save Time & Money on Twigs & Trash

Ever go at your yard with gusto and create an overwhelming mound of twigs and leaves? If you want to get rid of that debris with your weekly trash pick-up in Millcreek Township (Pennsylvania), you have to bundle the sticks

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Composting is Cool

Composting is actually not cool. It is warm when done right, but you get what I mean. Did you know that two-thirds of everything we throw away is compostable? That’s what Don Blakesley, Erie County Recycling Coordinator, says. In Erie

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You Don’t Need This Product

Have you been seeing ads for a bizarre invention called the Squatty Potty? This is a plastic contraption that straddles your toilet, so when you sit, you can raise your feet higher and assume a more “optimal” elimination position. According

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Vegas Vacation: Vegetarians in Sin City

At home, my husband, Jim, and I usually follow a plant-based diet. The only exception is the occasional cheese pizza. When we are out, sometimes we end up eating more vegetarian than vegan. Below, I have made a list of

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