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The Post: Film About Katharine Graham, Unsure to Unstoppable

Recently, I saw The Post, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. The film centers on a damning Vietnam War study and Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham’s most-difficult decision in 1971. At the beginning of the film, I was confused by

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I, Tonya Renews Inspiration

The 2018 Oscar nominations for I, Tonya sent me to my ancient clipping file to excavate a March 1994 essay I wrote about the controversial figure skater. The piece appeared in a reader-participation series featured in our local newspaper, called

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A National-Anthem Fable

Once upon a time, there was a country called, “Independence.” The citizens of Independence prided themselves on their patriotism, having an appreciation for the long-ago revolution that had liberated them from oppression. The citizens of Independence enjoyed many freedoms, including

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7 Things to Know about the DAR

When I tell people I belong to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), sometimes they ask what the DAR is or what it does. Generally, I tell them that DAR members can trace their lineage back to a Revolutionary

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7 Things to Know About Steve Gleason, Living With ALS

Last weekend, we watched the latest Netflix arrival, Gleason. This documentary, about retired New Orleans Saints defensive back, Steve Gleason, is a love letter to his son, and so much more. It’s a story of courage, hope, and grit. Diagnosed

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Rent’s 20th Anniversary: 7 Things to Know About HIV/AIDS Now

Last week, I attended a performance of Rent’s 20th Anniversary Tour. The musical follows a year in the lives of several artists, some of whom are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. In 1996, the future was grim for those who had the

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IP Lawyer Invests Time, Talent, & Resources in NWPA

Registered patent attorney Jonathan D’Silva moved to northwestern Pennsylvania in 2005, and he has no plans to leave anytime soon. In fact, he just began a new business venture there, and that’s also where you’ll find his two largest clients.

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Applying Aristotle’s Wisdom to Strengthen America

At least seven celebrities have vowed to leave the USA, if a Republican is elected president. This type of attitude can destroy America. The degree of division in the United States makes it unlikely that our country will be able

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7 Things to Do in an Active Shooter Situation

You may love or hate Facebook, but I often find valuable information in my newsfeed. For instance, I recently came across a link to the article, “What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation” by Brett and Kate McKay on

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7 Excuses Provided by the Christmas Season

Many folks express disdain for the commercialization of Christmas. Some resent the hijacking of commerce for the last quarter of each year. Others just can’t wait for it all to be over. Me? The Christmas season is my favorite. Here are seven

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