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William E. Dimorier: Servant Leader

This blog post contains information on the manuscript that resulted from the Dimorier Project. BRIEF ABSTRACT The Dimorier project began in 2004, when a handwritten journal of original poetry was discovered at a printing-house auction in Erie, Pennsylvania. The journal belonged

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7 Things Your Veterinarian Wants You to Know

All around the world, pets play an important role in the human family structure. In addition to their day-to-day care, managing their health can be complicated. A good relationship with a qualified, caring veterinarian can help navigate the many options in

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Contacts and Carry-Ons: What About Saline?

“Contact solution is considered medically necessary and allowed in containers in excess of 3.4oz.” (TSA – July 21, 2017) If you wear contact lenses and you’ve traveled by air, you’ve probably made a special trip to the store for contact-lens

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If You Break Your Right Arm (and you’re right-handed). 7 Tips.

Recently, I fell while running in my basement and broke my right wrist. Yes, you read that right. I run [ran] 5K in an oval in my basement three times a week, because I’m afraid of falling off a treadmill

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Fun with the DVD Netflix + John Grisham Sweepstakes

Disclaimer: I am a member of Netflix’s Director’s program, which gives me free access to movies. If you sign up with my referral link, I may receive a referral reward. I love opening the red envelopes that appear in my

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Nutmeg’s Destruction Teaches a Lesson

Nutmeg and Nora, Cairn Terrier sisters, joined our family about five years ago. We have had our ups and downs but we eventually settled into a comfortable companionship, occasionally marked by complications caused from the Cushing’s syndrome and then the

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7 Things to Know about the DAR

When I tell people I belong to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), sometimes they ask what the DAR is or what it does. Generally, I tell them that DAR members can trace their lineage back to a Revolutionary

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Blu-ray vs. DVD: Is Blu-ray Worth it?

© Universal Pictures

While waiting in the grocery checkout a couple of years ago, I regarded a small display of movie DVDs, including Annie (2014). For some time, I had been considering purchasing the movie I had so loved in the theater, so

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7 Things to Know About Steve Gleason, Living With ALS

Last weekend, we watched the latest Netflix arrival, Gleason. This documentary, about retired New Orleans Saints defensive back, Steve Gleason, is a love letter to his son, and so much more. It’s a story of courage, hope, and grit. Diagnosed

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

If you’re like many folks, there’s a point in winter where you hit a wall. The holidays are over, the Super Bowl has been won, and the sun is playing hard to get. Spring seems so very far away. We

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