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An Evening in Fredonia With Guitarist Pat Donohue

From Pat Donohue's press page.

I stood in the lobby of the 1891 Fredonia Opera House, in upstate New York, passing the time by looking at my phone while my husband sought out our will-call tickets. We were there to see Pat Donohue, Grammy-winning guitarist.

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Book Review: College Transfer Guide

A few years ago, I met Susan Henninger at the Chautauqua Writers’ Festival. Since then, she and I have loosely kept in touch. She helped me with some key research for my writing project, and I connected her with a

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Blu-ray vs. DVD: Is Blu-ray Worth it?

© Universal Pictures

While waiting in the grocery checkout a couple of years ago, I regarded a small display of movie DVDs, including Annie (2014). For some time, I had been considering purchasing the movie I had so loved in the theater, so

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7 Things I Like About Netflix DVDs

I’m a movie buff (junkie). I like to be transported into another time and place (escape). I like a darkened movie theater with Surround Sound for a total immersion experience, but there’s something to be said for watching movies in

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7 Things to Know About Snapchat Discover

Do you use Snapchat? I didn’t. Until today. You might be asking what Snapchat is. It’s an app for your phone that uses your camera and allows you to share photos and videos with your friends. These images disappear a

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7 Things To Like About Annie 2014

As a purist fan of the Broadway play, Annie, I never quite warmed up to the movie version that came out in 1982. After all, Punjab, who played a major role in the movie, wasn’t in the play and neither were

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St. Paul’s Italian Festival: An August Tradition in Erie, PA

Every August, the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church holds its three-day Italian festival celebrating the Feast of the Assumption. St. Paul’s is located in Erie’s historic Little Italy and is the parish my in-laws grew up and were married in. We’ve

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Keeping the Family Close with Cozi

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement for Cozi. I have not received any incentive from Cozi to write this guide. I simply wish to share this info with you, because I wish Cozi had existed 20 years ago, when

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You Don’t Need This Product

Have you been seeing ads for a bizarre invention called the Squatty Potty? This is a plastic contraption that straddles your toilet, so when you sit, you can raise your feet higher and assume a more “optimal” elimination position. According

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Moms’ Night Out – Fun for the Family

Moms’ Night Out features a terrific car chase, an out-of-control taser, and a tattoo found on a most-unlikely subject. It also offers tons of excitement and hilarity, without reducing itself to the gratuitous violence and awkward sex scenes that seem

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