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A Long Retail Line Yields Reflection

So, I thought my Christmas shopping was done, and then I realized that I had forgotten to buy a present for our dog, Nutmeg. Wanting to stick close to home, I decided to take a “quick” trip to our local K-mart,

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Nora At Rest

On Thursday, November 9, 2017, we said a final goodbye to Nora. She was almost nine years old and died of kidney failure after living with Cushing’s Disease and blindness for more than two years. Even with these health challenges,

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7 Things Your Veterinarian Wants You to Know

All around the world, pets play an important role in the human family structure. In addition to their day-to-day care, managing their health can be complicated. A good relationship with a qualified, caring veterinarian can help navigate the many options in

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Nutmeg’s Destruction Teaches a Lesson

Nutmeg and Nora, Cairn Terrier sisters, joined our family about five years ago. We have had our ups and downs but we eventually settled into a comfortable companionship, occasionally marked by complications caused from the Cushing’s syndrome and then the

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Blind Dogs Can be Divas

  Our Cairn Terrier rescue, Nora, went blind in July of 2015. At the time, she had just been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. She was in such bad shape that it didn’t seem feasible to take her to a veterinary

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7 Bits About Living With a Blind Dog

Several months ago, our Cairn terrier rescue, Nora, went blind rather quickly. This condition came shortly after her diagnosis of Cushing’s disease. We’re not sure if there’s a correlation between the blindness and the disease, the blindness and the medication,

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A New Challenge for Nora – Blindness

Little Nora, the feisty, sweet, and sometimes surly Cairn terrier we rescued nearly four years ago, who was diagnosed with canine Cushing’s disease a couple of months ago, has a new challenge. Blindness. This newest malady might be related to Nora’s

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7 Bits About Optimizing Your Dog’s Health

There’s a great article in the 2015 Annual Natural Dog magazine (published by entitled, “15 Natural Tips to Optimize Your Dog’s Health.” Seven are particularly interesting, so I will share them with you here. Good food: Feed your dog

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Nora Gets a Good Report

On Monday, I took Nora for another ACTH Stimulation blood test and fully anticipated a good report. Nora’s been almost back to normal after a pretty rough few weeks following her diagnosis of Cushing’s disease. Things got so bad at

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Nora’s Feeling Better!

Crossing my fingers, but Nora has had some good days since her meds for Cushing’s disease were increased. She almost seems like she’s back to normal. It’s weird to think that this isn’t a medication that we’ll be done with

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