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Best-Ever Tofu Scramble

You’ll find a thousand tofu scramble recipes on the Web and in cookbooks, but none more easy and delicious than this one. I took my favorite recipes and combined them into a one-pan dish, ready in about 30 minutes. Best-Ever

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Ban Plastic Shopping Bags, Bottles? What About Shipping Materials?

If I’m away from home and forget my reusable water bottle, apparently, I shouldn’t be able to buy a recyclable bottle of water, because there are too many bottles in landfills. It’s just fine to buy a plastic bottle of

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7 Tips That Might Help You Live to 100+

My husband, Jim DeDad, is quite the genealogist. He’s always following hints on, scrolling through old, imaged documents, and updating his Italian family tree. We even traveled to Italy a few years ago to walk the same narrow streets

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7 Things US Visitors to Portugal Should Know

Portugal was never on my travel radar, however, when my husband texted me out of the blue last fall and asked if I’d like to go, I replied without question, “Sure!” So, I happily tagged along on his recent business trip

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Living a Compassionate Life

  Many people claim to be animal lovers, but Jessica Carlson walks the talk. “We humans love our dogs and cats, yet we eat pigs and cows. One should not be treated any different from the other,” says Carlson, director

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Exploring World Cuisine from a Pennsylvania Kitchen

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of The Connector. Analida Braeger lists a paring knife, a chef knife, a tagine dish, a food processor, a kitchen scale, and some silicon spatulas among the stuff she can’t live

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7 Excuses Provided by the Christmas Season

Many folks express disdain for the commercialization of Christmas. Some resent the hijacking of commerce for the last quarter of each year. Others just can’t wait for it all to be over. Me? The Christmas season is my favorite. Here are seven

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7 Things I Did to Lose 30 Pounds (and how I’ll keep it off)

I’ve been saying for a while I’d like to lose 25 to 30 pounds. Well, I finally did it. I lost 30 pounds, but it didn’t happen overnight. I made a lifestyle change. And because of that change, the chances

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7 Bits About Current Food Trends

You could exhaust yourself trying to follow every health trend that people are talking about today. Better Homes & Gardens ran a good article in its March 2015 edition that covers some of the hottest health trends, “What’s the Deal With. .

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7 Facts to Help Crack the Code on Food-Labels

We’re always being told to read the labels on food products, if we want to be healthy or lose weight. The trouble is, those labels are confusing. It doesn’t help that there are two government agencies involved. The FDA oversees

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