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Blu-ray vs. DVD: Is Blu-ray Worth it?

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While waiting in the grocery checkout a couple of years ago, I regarded a small display of movie DVDs, including Annie (2014). For some time, I had been considering purchasing the movie I had so loved in the theater, so

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7 Things to Know About Kato Kaelin

The other night, I watched a DVD called Hail Caesar, which I had mistakenly placed in my Netflix queue, instead of the 2016 version starring Josh Brolin and George Clooney. I decided to watch the 1994 version anyway, which is

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What’s Your Favorite Movie?

A few months ago, I began to partner with, a Netflix Company. They gave me free access to movies for a year, and in return, I give them feedback and post about the ones that inspire me to write about them.

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7 Things I Like About Netflix DVDs

I’m a movie buff (junkie). I like to be transported into another time and place (escape). I like a darkened movie theater with Surround Sound for a total immersion experience, but there’s something to be said for watching movies in

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7 Things to Know About Advent

The other morning, to occupy myself during the mind-numbing task of lunch packing, I tuned my SiriusXM app to The Catholic Channel and then, EWTN, because Dr. Laura was taking a break. A “Cradle Catholic,” I was surprised to hear on

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7 Things to Know About the Irish National Police, GARDA

The other day, a movie called, The Guard, bubbled up to the top of my Netflix DVD queue. It stars American Don Cheadle and Irishman Brendan Gleeson as a by-the-book FBI agent and an unconventional Irish policeman, respectively, who team up

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Rent’s 20th Anniversary: 7 Things to Know About HIV/AIDS Now

Last week, I attended a performance of Rent’s 20th Anniversary Tour. The musical follows a year in the lives of several artists, some of whom are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. In 1996, the future was grim for those who had the

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7 Things to Know About Visiting Newport Mansions

Last week, husband Jim and I went on a genealogy trip to Cranston, RI, and while we were there, we thought it would be a nice idea to pop over to Newport, where we spent part of our honeymoon “quite

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The Story of Waldameer’s First Ravine Flyer Roller Coaster

Waldameer’s First Ravine Flyer (Ravine Flyer I) When I was a kid, my mother told me that long, long ago, a roller coaster used to pass right over Peninsula Drive, in our hometown of Erie, PA. She said that a

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A Tour of the Mural Escadinhas São Cristóvão

In the heart of Lisbon, on the walls of age-old buildings lining a long set of stairs that lead from R. da Madalena to the Church of São Cristóvão, vivid graffiti complements an equally-vivid mural. The mural honors St. Christopher

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