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Dimorier Brought Newspapers to Erie Classrooms

In 1914, William Dimorier, a high school teacher from Erie, PA, received national recognition for a project he had initiated at Erie High called “Newspaper Week.” While Dimorier was not the originator of such a concept, his project was the

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William E. Dimorier: Servant Leader

This blog post contains information on the manuscript that resulted from the Dimorier Project. BRIEF ABSTRACT The Dimorier project began in 2004, when a handwritten journal of original poetry was discovered at a printing-house auction in Erie, Pennsylvania. The journal belonged

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7 Shots of the Sidewalk Trail

Presque Isle Park Sidewalk Trail

Presque Isle State Park, in northwestern Pennsylvania, provides quiet refuge for clearing one’s head and connecting with nature. The trails that wind throughout this Lake Erie peninsula offer many opportunities for such soothing sojourns. William E. Dimorier (1871-1951) educator and

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7 Things to Know About Servant Leadership

After studying William E. Dimorier for more than a decade, I concluded that his life could be summed up as follows: Service to others is worthwhile, even if unrecognized. It took me a while to finesse the thesis to that

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The Saga of the Academy High Pipe Organ

Can you imagine a 21st century school district and community raising $176,000 for a single musical instrument? Can you fathom that the equivalent of that figure was raised in Erie, PA, for a pipe organ in the midst of the

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The Meaning of Service

One of the books found in William E. Dimorier’s personal library was The Meaning of Service, by Harry Emerson Fosdick, published in 1921. It, perhaps, more than any other of William’s books, illustrates his life of service. Fosdick graduated from

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A Curious Pronunciation of Dimorier

Ten years ago, when I met with the Academy High School class of 1935 in Erie, PA, and asked them about their former assistant principal, William Dimorier, using the French pronunciation, Di-more-ee-ay, they didn’t know who I was talking about. Then

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90th Anniversary of Stadium Dedication

Poet and educator William E. Dimorier played a major role in the building of Veterans Memorial Stadium in Erie, PA. Although the newspaper accounts from the stadium’s dedication in 1924 do not mention his name, Dimorier worked behind the scenes from the

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1916 Love Letter for Erie, Pennsylvania

A century ago, William E. Dimorier, an Erie educator and Colgate University alumnus, wrote a letter about Erie, PA, to the editors of Colgate’s school newspaper, the Madisonensis. Dimorier was a transplant from Afton, NY, to Erie, and this letter shows how

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Dimorier Project: Prologue

Prologue Brilliant reflections of the early sun pierced the century-old glass of my office window, in a room once slept in by house servants. On the third floor of an 1893 brick mansion, now Gannon University’s Old Main, I pulled

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