Nora’s Feeling Better!

Crossing my fingers, but Nora has had some good days since her meds for Cushing’s disease were increased. She almost seems like she’s back to normal.

It’s weird to think that this isn’t a medication that we’ll be done with at some point. She supposed to take it for the rest of her life. And if she stops taking it, she’ll be really sick again.

She’s not drinking water like crazy anymore, and the same puppy pad has been down for two days now. She did have to stop to rest several times on our walk, but she ran after a ball a few times today.

Today, I gave both dogs a bath and put their flea stuff on them. It’s almost back to normal around here again.

Nora will have another blood test in a week or so, and I hope I will have more good news then.



 Nutmeg and Nora’s Story

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