7-Item Checklist for Air-Travel Essentials

Washington_Dulles_International_Airport_at_DuskEver wish you had a snappy checklist for air-travel essentials? I usually try to assemble these items the night before I fly, but I often forget something. Then, I go on a mad scramble around the house, when I should be heading to the airport. So, I put this handy list together, and I am sharing it with you. It may seem elementary, but, even as a “seasoned” traveler, I still forget things.

1. Boarding passes. Either paper or stored on your phone, boarding passes are an aggravation saver, because they often allow you to bypass the line of unhappy people in the long line who forgot theirs. Plus, if all you have is a carry on, you can head straight to security. Note: A great site for selecting your seat is www.seatguru.com, which shows you, by flight, which seats are great and not-so-great. You should visit this site before booking your flight, so you have a good selection to choose from.

2. Identification. Keep your driver’s license or passport with your boarding pass, so you can hand both to the TSA agent. You won’t be going anywhere if you forget your acceptable form of ID .

3. Medications. Place all of your medications in your carry on, so they won’t get lost if your checked bags do. Make sure any medications needed inflight are easily accessible. Also, did you know your contact lens solution isn’t limited to 3.5 ounces? See this article that explains it all.

4. Electronics and charging cords. You’d be surprised how fast your electronics lose their juice when you’re traveling, and many planes have 110 outlets built into their seating. Also, putting your cell phone on the list isn’t unreasonable. I once realized at the airport that I had forgotten mine, and it was impossible to go back and get it. That was a fun trip.

5. Cash. Have some bills or change for vending machines or airport convenience stores, so when you’re through security, you can buy a bottle of water for your Dramamine (or Xanax!). In addition, having cash handy will make tipping easier once you get to your destination.

6. Amusements. Magazines, light reading, or crossword puzzles will keep you occupied and make time go faster in the boarding area and on the plane. They will also help you with that feeling that you must get out of the plane when you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Or is that just me? I use logic and math problems as an alternative to Xanax. The Dramamine helps, too.

7. Destination information. Have all of your hotel and ground-transportation info handy. After a long flight, you’ll want to get to your hotel pronto and unwind, while patting yourself on the back that you remembered to bring everything on your checklist.

So, there you have it. A seven-point checklist for air-essentials. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything and happy flying!

Ann Silverthorn is a blogger who also writes about a wide variety of topics in numerous genres, including non-fiction, fiction, poetry, travel, and grant writing.

Twitter: @annsilverthorn

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