Route 66: Terre Haute, IN, to HOME! (19-of-20)

I arrived home at around 8:30 p.m. last night after having stopped in Cleveland, OH, to have dinner with Daughter Krista. We met a friend of hers at the House of Blues before the two of them went to a Hanson concert.

Anyone remember Hanson? They were a singin’ sensation in the 1990s.

It’s good to be home in my own dust, allergens, and germs. Our house is upside down because Jim has been giving the house a fresh coat of paint. It’ll look great when it’s done.

Lots of good guesses about my Terre Haute, IN, quiz, but unfortunately, no one got the right answer. Terre Haute was the hometown of the orphans in the 1960s sit-com, Family Affair. Don’t feel bad, you’d have to be ancient and a TV addict to know the answer!

The new name for my adventure is, My Reboot. Just like rebooting your computer clears away the data that clogs and slows down your computer, this trip has done the same for me. Try it!

My Reboot: Solo Route 66 Trip Introduction 

1. Route 66: Day One

2. Route 66: Erie, PA, to Elkhart, IN

3. Route 66: Elkhart, IN, to Normal, IL

4. Route 66: Lebanon, MO, to Chandler, OK

5. Route 66: Chandler, OK, to Amarillo, TX

6. Route 66: Amarillo, TX, to Santa Rosa, NM

7. Route 66: Santa Rosa, NM, to Gallup, NM

8. Route 66: Gallup, NM, to Williams, AZ

9. Route 66: Williams, AZ, to Barstow, CA

10. Route 66: Barstow, CA, to Santa Monica, CA!!!!

11. Route 66: Santa Monica Pier

12. Route 66: Stars’ Homes Tour

13. Route 66: Live taping of Jeopardy!

14. Route 66: Taping of Chelsea Lately Show and a Taste of Traffic

15. Route 66: Arcadia, CA, to Flagstaff, AZ

16. Route 66: Meteor Crater!

17. Route 66: Amarillo, TX, to Tulsa, OK

18. Route 66: Tulsa, OK, to Terre Haute, IN

19. Route 66: Terre Haute, IN, to HOME!

20. Route 66: Twitter Updates

Here’s a gallery of photos from the trip.

A Couple of Articles Written for Suite 101:

Traveling Route 66 Solo By Car

A Nine-Day Guide to Driving Route 66


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